Opening the global cyber security competition WhiteHat Grand Prix 2017
02:32:00 | 18-12-2017

The global cyber security competition WhiteHat Grand Prix 2017 officially started at 9 am this morning (December 16) in Hanoi with the participation of more than 300 teams from 51 countries and territories such as the US, Korea, Taiwan, etc.

Immediately after the opening, the host country of Vietnam seemed dominant when accounting for more than half of the total teams scoring on the Scoreboard of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2017. Also in the first hour of the competition, team 217 (Taiwan) - the current champion of WhiteHat Grand Prix has been Top 3 in the Scoreboard. 217 is expected to be a serious competitor in this year WhiteHat Grand Prix. The competition promises to have a big change with attractive chase when the time in Europe and the US changes to the day because the competition takes place globally for 24 consecutive hours.

WhiteHat Grand Prix is ​​one of the few cyber security competitions in the world that attracts a large number of teams from universities and research institutes. This is the 3rd year the competition is held on a global scale.

Mr. Ngo Tuan Anh, - Bkav Vice President of Cyber ​​Security, said: "To be able to organize significant cyber security contests are countries with the world leading scientific and technological qualifications such as the US, Russia, Korea, Germany, etc. The fact that we can organize a cyber security competition on a global scale such as the WhiteHat Grand Prix with the increasing number of teams over the years is very special, affirming the prestige and qualification of Vietnam in the world in information security and we can be proud of that".

A new feature of this year WhiteHat Grand Prix is ​​that the challenges are designed to assess the overall professional competence of each team. This is essential for cyber security professionals when working in the wild. Teams will compete in the form of Jeopardy, solving Web Exploit, Reverse, Pwnable, Forensics and Crypto challenges.

As an international cyber security competition organized by Vietnam, Bkav has included Cultural Heritages of Vietnam in the answer of each challenge. Each time a challenge is successfully solved, the images, contents and introductions about such heritages as: Trong Dong, Folk paintings, folk songs, proverbs, customs, festivals, etc. will appear, helping teams learn more about Vietnamese culture and people.

This year WhiteHat Grand Prix is of ​​far-reaching community with the companion of the Authority of Information Security (Ministry of Information and Communications) in organization, and the collaborative participation of the Vietnam cyber security community in challenges creation. Speaking at the Opening Ceremony of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2017, Mr. Nguyen Huy Dung - Deputy Director of the Authority of Information Security, Ministry of Information and Communications said: "We welcome and appreciate Bkav Corporation, the leading unit in the field of information security for having organized the competition and turned it into an international competition. We believe this is a practical action of a leading enterprise in contributing to the Government's guidelines, especially in training and developing information security human resources by 2020".

WhiteHat Grand Prix was first held at the national level in 2014 and began to expand globally in 2015. WhiteHat Grand Prix always attracts the participation of the world leading teams.

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- Online scoreboard is at: WhiteHat Grand Prix 2017 Score Board

The final result of the global cyber security competition WhiteHat Grand Prix 2017 will be updated as soon as it is over.