Overview of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2016
10:59:00 | 21-12-2016

After 24-hour of competition, WhiteHat Grand Prix 2016 was closed, once again the 1st prize valued USD 10,000 belonged to 217 from Taiwan. 217 was also the champion of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2015 and last WhiteHat Contests. CLGEftMeePwn and BabyPhD from Vietnam ranked second and third respectively.

WhiteHat Grand Prix 2016 has more than 500 teams from 52 countries worldwide registered, of which 111 teams have made their names on the contest’s ranking. Under the theme of Discovering Vietnam, WhiteHat Grand Prix 2016 included 35 challenges. Each challenges named a dish which is specialty of the regions of Vietnam. The contest is an opportunity for international friends to explore our culture through Vietnamese cuisine.

Here are some key points of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2016:

9:00 AM December 17, 2016: The Opening ceremony of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2016 began. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Nguyen Huy Dung, Deputy Director of Authority of Information Security, Ministry of Information and Communications. Representatives from the media also came to report on the contest.

Mr. Ngo Tuan Anh, Bkav’s Vice President of Cyber Security and Mr. Nguyen Huy Dung, Deputy Director of Authority of Information Security, pressed the button to open WhiteHat Grand Prix 2016.

Mr. Nguyen Huy Dung said: "On behalf of Information Security Department, I am delighted to see the contest expanding in size and quality. In the contest of more and more complex cybersecurity, the contest has shown the cooperation between businesses and the government in creating a positive environment where young people have the opportunity to practice to be more mature. I would like to congratulate the participating teams and expect all of you can go ahead and get the highest results in WhiteHat Grand Prix 2016 ".

9:17 AM: Just a few minutes after opening the topic, 6 teams got points for Web 100 and Crypto 100, recording their name on WhiteHat Grand Prix 2016 ranking. Samurai and 217 were the first two teams on the Scoreboard.

9:55 AM: The contest atmosphere was very exciting even though it had not been over the first hour. 6/14 teams on the Ranking were from Vietnam, of which BabyPhD was a familiar name to WhiteHat Grand Prix community.

2:00 PM: The organizers announced to open 5 more challenges including: Crypto 200, Pwn 400, Misc 100, Web 200, Re 300. This promised many breakthroughs on the Scoreboard when the contest went to 6th hour of competition.

The Image of Xoi Ngu Sac dish was attached to a Challenge which was solved successful by the teams

8:30 PM: WhiteHat Grand Prix 2016 system recorded 349 teams participating in the competition, including 245 international teams. 23/35 challenge had been opened including special challenge valued 10% of current total points. On the IRC support channel, a team reported they had the solution for special challenge but waiting for ideal time for submission.

On Top 10, the number of Vietnamese teams was overwhelming, with 6/10 teams

00:15 AM (December 18): 217 ​​just became the first team to successfully submit a challenge Pwn 500 – Bun Bo Nam Bo and won 500 points, further consolidating its leading position.

3:15 AM: More than a quarter of the time had passed, 217, CLGTftMeePwn and BabyPhD always appeared first positions on Ranking.

05:00 AM: The Organizer of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2016 announced the opening of the last 3 challenges, including: Crypto 200, Misc 200 and Re 400. So the whole challenges of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2016 had been opened. And the competition would end in 4 hours. The organizers expected the teams to focus and quickly submit answers to improve their points and rankings.

8:10 AM: Only less than 1 hour before the end of competition, 217 still maintains their leading position on the Scoreboard. During the competition, 217 seemed to have no rival. Following 217 was a rather chase between two Vietnamese teams, CLGTftMeePwn and BabyPhD. The remaining positions in the Top 10 were quite stable for most of the time.

List of Top 10

08:50 AM: 217 had just successfully solved a special challenge worth 10% of their team's total points.

09:00 AM: WhiteHat Grand Prix 2016 officially ended. After 24 hours of continuous competition, from 09:00 Saturday December 17, to 09:00 Sunday December 18, 2016, the victory belonged to 217. 217 was also the only team to solve the special challenge. Following 217, second and third place were the two Vietnamese teams: CLGTftMeePwn and BabyPhD. The organizers congratulated the 3 winning teams and thanked for the enthusiastic participation of all teams worldwide.

Top 10 of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2016