Guidelines on how to join WhiteHat Grand Prix 06
04:42:00 | 19-11-2019

WhiteHat Grand Prix 06 is the 6th global cyber security competition organized by Vietnam. With the theme of Vietnam Today, the Qualification Round takes place on January 04, 2020, choosing the top 10 teams for the Final Round in February 2020. In addition to Attack/Defense, the Final Round of the competition simulates critical systems and popular software in the field for teams to compete and find vulnerabilities.

The prizes of the competition include: First Prize worth VND 230 million (approximately USD 10,000), Second Prize and Third Prize worth VND 45 million (approximately USD 2,000) and VND 23 million (approximately 1,000 USD) respectively.

1. How to register a new account

Step 1: Visit and click REGISTER or access

Step 2: Fill in your registration details, including Account, Email, Password, Confirm Password, then click REGISTER.

Your account is now registered.

2. How to log in the challenge system

Step 1: Visit and click LOG IN or access

Step 2: Enter your log-in credentials and click LOGIN

You are now logged in and ready to join the competition WhiteHat Grand Prix 06

3. How to recover password

To recover your password, click Forgot your password?.

And follow these steps:

Step 1: On the login interface of WhiteHat Grand Prix 06, click Forgot your password ?

Step 2:  Enter your registered email address and click SEND

Step 3: There will be a notification

4. How to join the challenge

To participate in WhiteHat Grand Prix 06:

Step 1: Once logged in, then click Join to join a team or create a new one


Step 3: Create a new team

After clicking Join a team or create a new one, there will be a pop-up requiring the participation. Select Create a new team and fill in all required information.

Fill in all your details including Team, Secret Code, Country, Verification code then click Save.

There will be a notification “Successfully” after you complete the creation.

To invite a person to your team, send him the secret code then he will select Join a team and enter the code to join.

The challenge is opened at 02:00 UTC, January 04, 2020 and you can start solving the challenges from the system of Organizer.