WhiteHat Grand Prix: A pathway to bring Vietnam's cyber security to the world
10:38:00 | 22-12-2020

The Final Round of WhiteHat Grand Prix 06 is about to take place on December 27, 2020. The journey of its 6 competitions has step-by-step brought Vietnam's cyber security to the world. Over the years, WhiteHat Grand Prix gradually becomes a familiar competition at the end of the year for those who are interested in cyber security globally and receives praises from international friends.

WhiteHat Grand Prix starts as a CTF contest organized by WhiteHat.vn and Bkav Corporation for young people who are passionate about information security in Vietnam. By 2015, the competition was officially expanded globally. Sharing about the milestone that made WhiteHat Grand Prix become a world-class cyber security competition, CEO of Bkav, Nguyen Tu Quang wrote: “I remember making this decision 6 years ago. My employee who is also a leading cyber security expert questioned I feel not confident to design challenges for world top players. Should we adopt it yet? Now you know the answer”.

WhiteHat CTF 2013

Through the share of Bkav's CEO, WhiteHat Grand Prix's journey to its global reach must be definitely not easy. In addition to the essential factors such as professional background, extensive knowledge in the field of cyber security, confidence in their own qualifications and capabilities is also important. Organizing a competition equivalent to those of technology powerhouses like the US, Russia, South Korea, etc. is the clearest testament to Vietnam's intellect and prestige. Over the past 6 years, the number of participating teams has increased 9 times, from 66 in the first competition to 739 teams from 84 countries and territories in the sixth one.

Support team of WhiteHat Grand Prix 

WhiteHat Grand Prix is ​​also a cultural bridge that introduces quintessential values ​​of Vietnam and its people to international friends. There is no other cyber security competition where teams can learn more about the history, economy, culture of a country.

‘Ca tru singing’ being introduced in WhiteHat Grand Prix 2017

Kitchen God Day in WhiteHat Grand Prix

The world’s cyber security experts getting to know about Vietnamese Silk

The teams of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 Final Round exploring landscapes in Ninh Binh Province

WhiteHat Grand Prix is also a chance for young people who love cyber security in Vietnam show off their "equal" qualifications to the world players. The Top 10 has always included Vietnamese teams such as ACEBEAR; BabyPhD, Injocker10K, r3s0L. CLGTftMeePwn and BabyPhD even excelled WhiteHat Grand Prix 2016 and won 2nd and 3rd.

LC1BC (Russia) – the Winner of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018

Injocker10K from Vietnam participating in the Final Round of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018

This year, the journey of WhiteHat Grand Prix continues with the theme of Vietnam Today. The world-famous names such as perfectblue (USA), DiceGang (USA), More Smoked Leet Chicken (Russia) KingTigerPrawn (Korea), ACEBEAR (Vietnam), BabyPhD (Vietnam), InfoSecIITR (India), JustToPlay (Korea), 0penToA11 (USA), ALLESCTF (Germany) continued their efforts to claim their first place. Let's wait to see which team to be crowned on December 27!

WhiteHat Grand Prix