Private Bug Bounty: A special part of the Final Round of WhiteHat Grand Prix 06
10:31:00 | 22-12-2020

Finding holes in key systems is new to the Final Round of WhiteHat Grand Prix 06. Thanks to this program, teams might have bounties corresponding to the holes discovered added to their total prizes.

WhiteHat Private Bug Bounty is a special "arena" for the teams, where they can show off their skills and qualifications. The software and systems involving Private Bug Bounty include the system providing fundamental services, monitoring the quality of the Internet of Vietnam; software used popularly in Vietnam, including software for Internet connection as well as public key infrastructure software that helps ensure transactions on the Internet and so on. Currently, both the system and personnel supporting the program have got prepared.

The Final Round of WhiteHat Grand Prix 06 will take place on December 27, 2020. This is an 8-hours competition between 10 excellent teams, of which 2 teams are from the host country Vietnam, 3 from the US, 2 from Korea and 3 others from Russia, India and Germany.

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