Result of the Qualifier of the global cyber security competition WhiteHat Grand Prix 2015
09:58:00 | 27-10-2015

On October 27, 2015, Bkav Corporation officially announced the result of the Qualifier of the global cyber security WhiteHat Grand Prix - Global challenge 2015. After 24 hours of competition of 467 teams from 67 countries, to the Final Round are 2 teams from the US, 2 teams from Vietnam, 2 teams from Poland and teams from Canada, Taiwan, Russia, and Ukraine. Of these 10 teams, up to 6 teams are in the world Top 10 according to CTFTime (website ranking global cyber security competitions).

Holding the top position is PPP, the team from Carnegie Mellon - one of the top 4 universities on information technology in the US. PPP is also the No. 1 team in the CTFTime ranking. After 24 hours of competition, the team won 6,160 points when they solved 24/26 challenges. Shellphish team (USA) got 5,295 points, taking the second place. Vietnamese teams also had excellent performance. RoadToRome and BabyPhD had times surpassing PPP to lead the scoreboard, and competed fiercely for the rest of the competition to remain in the Top 5.

Top 15 of the Qualification Round of WhiteHat Grand Prix - Global challenge 2015

The Qualifier of WhiteHat Grand Prix - Global challenge 2015 had 26 challenges on Web Exploit, Reverse, Pwnable, Forensics and Crypto. Each correct answer would open a beautiful picture of a place in Vietnam, which contained coded hints. After successfully decrypting and combining these hints, teams would find the key to a special challenge called Vietnam.

On the direct support channel of the Organizer, many members expressed their surprises and excitements when successfully solving the challenges and admiring the images of Vietnam. Nickname Sewilton wrote: "Can't wait to get to Vietnam if your country is really as beautiful as in the photo". And nickname Crowell expressed: "Thank you to WhiteHatVN for letting us understand more about Vietnam". There were members being so surprised when they "have never realized that Vietnam is so beautiful".

WhiteHat Grand Prix 2015 with the theme "Hello, Vietnam!" is an opportunity for cyber security professionals around the world to compete, show their qualifications and capabilities and understand more about the country and people of Vietnam.

Mr. Ngo Tuan Anh, Bkav Vice President of Cyber ​​Security, said: "WhiteHat Grand Prix - Global challenge 2015 confirms Vietnam's pioneering role in cyber security, as well as promoting research and learning on information security. Positive feedback about the organizational capacity and special impressions about a different, new and extremely beautiful Vietnam from the teams are the motivation for Bkav to prepare for the Final Round that will take place in Hanoi in December".

WhiteHat Grand Prix 2015 is considered a large and professional playground when attracting the participation of teams from 67 countries. In particular, most of the teams holding the top positions of the prestigious global cyber security rankings also participated. This is the first time Vietnam has had such an international cyber security competition.

10 teams to "compete" in the Final Round of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2015 include: PPP; Shellphish (USA); RoadToRome; BabyPhD (Vietnam); Samurai (Canada); 217 (Taiwan); Dragon Sector (Poland); More Smoked Leet Chicken (Russia); dcua (Ukraine); Snatch The Root (Poland).

The progress of the Qualification Round was reported online on